How Bounty Hunters Work

The Flutter Bounty Hunters connect experienced developers with corporate clients to produce high quality open source tools for the Flutter and Dart ecosystems.

Bounty Hunters are contractors

All Flutter Bounty Hunters are contractors. Bounty Hunters work from their desired locations, at desired times, using their own equipment.

Work is sporadic

Bounty Hunter work becomes available as companies choose to fund development milestones. Therefore, Bounty Hunters have no guarantee of any particular work volume, or schedule. The Flutter Bounty Hunters will seek as much funding for as many projects as possible, the final funding schedule is in the control of the funding clients.

Work by invitation

When new milestones are defined, individual Bounty Hunters will be invited to work on those milestones. Bounty Hunters will be invited in priority order based on their relevant experience and history of successful contributions.

Levels of work

All Flutter Bounty Hunter tickets are categorized by expected complexity: Junior Development, Senior Development, Specialist Development, or Technical Leadership. The developer compensation rate per ticket is determined by this assigned level of development. All tickets will be pushed down to the lowest reasonable level so that clients receive the best possible rate. As a result, it’s common for experienced developers to work on a number of Junior Development tickets, because most tickets in a project tend to be Junior Development tickets.

Junior Development ticket

A Junior Development ticket is a ticket that any professional Flutter/Dart developer should be able to complete. A Junior Development ticket requires little research. It doesn’t require any significant API design, or engineering tradeoffs. The task is clear and straight forward.

Senior Development ticket

A Senior Development ticket requires the application of significant Flutter/Dart expertise. A Senior Development ticket might require designing impactful APIs, deep research into Flutter behaviors and the domain state of the art. Poorly executed Senior Development tickets result in cascading problems in the future, whereas well executed Senior Development tickets result in dividend payoffs in the project. These tickets are expected to have a multiplier effect, which is why they require Senior Development expertise.

Specialist Development ticket

A Specialist Development ticket requires significant non-Flutter/Dart expertise. This expertise might pertain to a platform, e.g., Android, iOS, Mac, or it might pertain to a domain, e.g., video encoding, document editing.

Technical Leadership

Technical Leadership responsibilities include everything that isn’t handled by Junior Development, Senior Development, and Specialist Development. Technical Leadership includes project setup, high-level project architecture, establishing development practices, and consulting with clients. Technical Leadership is the one responsibility that might log time without associated tickets.

Time reporting

Flutter Bounty Hunters are compensated by the hour. Every hour of Bounty Hunter work must be logged against a specific ticket. Bounty Hunter hours are submitted on a regular basis, and compensated once the clients send funds for the given work.

Hours without an associated ticket will not be compensated (except for some Technical Leadership tasks).