Who should become a Flutter Bounty Hunter?

The Flutter Bounty Hunters are an elite team of Flutter and Dart developers who are working to build the future of the Flutter and Dart ecosystems. We work on behalf of paying clients, who need infrastructure tools, to ship their products.

A strong candidate for the Flutter Bounty Hunters is experiencedaccomplished, and committed.


Some lessons are only learned through experience. To ensure the success of our projects, a Flutter Bounty Hunter should have at least a year of professional development experience with Flutter or Dart, and multiple years of development experience, in general.

Within that range of experience, Flutter Bounty Hunters with less experience will work on Junior Development Tasks, whereas more experienced developers might work on Senior Development Tasks, or Technical Leadership.


It’s often said that 80% of the development effort happens in the final 20% of production. If you aren’t shipping products then you’re missing out on situations that should impact your software engineering decisions. A Flutter Bounty Hunter should have at least 1 year of experience actively shipping apps or packages to a significant number of users.


The Flutter Bounty Hunters are building a more robust open source ecosystem. Clients must be able to depend on the Flutter Bounty Hunters for maintenance and project extensions. To this end, every Flutter Bounty Hunter must, himself or herself, be dependable in delivering results. If you’re not confident in your personal bandwidth to follow through on your open source commitments, please don’t apply.

Join the Flutter Bounty Hunters

If you’re an experiencedaccomplished, and committed Flutter or Dart developer who wants to revolutionize the open source Flutter and Dart ecosystems, join today!.