How to fund a milestone

A milestone is an individual funding and development event for the Flutter Bounty Hunters.

The Flutter Bounty Hunters don’t fund individual development tickets, because individual tickets are too small to be worth the coordination with funding companies. Instead, the Flutter Bounty Hunters define broader development goals, called milestones. A milestone might correspond to any number of development tickets.

Here are some example milestones:

  • Add support for mobile text entry
  • Add undo/redo support to the document editor
  • Add support for more video filters
  • Fix bugs in the mobile text field


A milestone might include any number of funding companies.

If your company is the only funder looking for a set of features right now, then your company might fund a milestone, alone. In other words, your company would cover the full development cost for that milestone. Situations like this are common in the early stage of new projects, but as a project becomes more popular, additional companies tend to show up to support the effort.

If a milestone includes a feature-set that’s in high demand, multiple companies might offer to fund the milestone. In this case, the development bill would be split across the funding companies. As a result, your company could save 50%, 66%, 75%, or more by splitting the bill. By default, the bill is split equally across all funding companies. However, sometimes the funding companies have very different financial situations, so the funding companies might negotiate a different breakdown in funding. The Flutter Bounty Hunters will support any funding breakdown to which the funders agree.

Development Timeline

The Flutter Bounty Hunters don’t estimate delivery timelines. We work towards the stated goals, as quickly as possible, and to the best of our ability.

To prevent long development runs, and reduce uncertainty, a milestone should be as narrow as possible, while still delivering the value that your company needs. You can always fund additional milestones, later.

Ready to fund a milestone?

Please send a direct message to @FlutterBounties on Twitter and we’ll get things started.